Formed some 3 years ago by lead singer & guitarist PAUL REASON, Shazoom have made a major impact on the entertainment industry in a very short space of time with their vibrant and lively stage show, which incorporates all that was best from recording icons such as The Police, Rod Stewart, & Bon Jovi, through to musical giants such as Bryan Adams, The Eagles, and Robbie Williams, whilst not forgetting modern day popsters such as The Scissor Sisters, Keane and Maroon 5.

Able to adapt to suit all age groups, young or old, the band always has one thing in mind, and that's to give the audience a good time! Paul and fellow group members Steve and Warren certainly do that with their stylish presentation and vocal talents that make them stand out from the rest!

Lead singer Paul actually took time out from the group some 2 years ago to appear on his own in the popular TV series 'Stars In Their Eyes' as Robbie Williams.

Much to Paul's surprise he won, and was later to appear on two further editions of the show due to public demand!

The band have appeared on all the major circuits, and have three summer seasons to their credit, along with several appearances on local radio, and a recent TV appearance on 'Midlands Today', combined with regular appearances on the Chicago Rock and Brannigans club circuit.

If you want a band that insists that the audience enjoy themselves on the night as much as the band do, and like a vibrant and dynamic stage show, then SHAZOOM are the band for you.

SHAZOOM- "They Have It All!"


"Shazoom - They Have It All!"

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